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However, upon closer examination, no metastases were found outside the lungs, which is not entirely characteristic of hematogenous dissemination. Another important feature of all cases was that they all developed in patients in whom the tumor had spread to the mucous membrane of the mouth or nose. The only explanation for this manifestation of the tumor was the entry of exfoliated cells into the lungs along with a sigh.

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Contrary to the prevailing opinion that all types of basaliomas originate from the nodular form, the cicatricial form rather refutes this hypothesis, since it has some pronounced distinctive features.

The surface of the tumor is often located below the healthy surrounding tissue.


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Its consistency is more dense, resembling a dense keloid scar, and the color is gray-pink. The edges of the tumor are slightly raised, shiny, waxy, and resemble worm-like edges in a nodular form, but are less pronounced. Ulcerations do not form in the center of the tumor, but on the border with healthy tissue and often extend to it. For this reason, it is often not possible to accurately determine the boundaries of the tumor in order to surgically remove it.

It is important to note that the cicatricial form of basalioma can be both with primary cancer and with relapses (repeated manifestations) after treatment. The recurrence rate for this type is as high as 40% in some countries due to the deep growth trend of this tumor. When a tumor reaches a vessel or nerve, it often grows along these formations for a long distance. This fact explains the appearance of secondary tumors with an identical pathomorphological picture at a distance from the site of growth of labetalol pills tumor. The growth of these tumors is also slow, so they have a favorable prognosis. Typical localization on the chest, neck and face.

This form of basal cell carcinoma is rightfully the most dangerous, because it causes serious defects in the tissues to which it spreads. This tumor is characterized by a continuous ulcerative surface, located, as a rule, below the level of the skin. Periodically, the ulcer is covered with dark crusts. When they are removed, a bumpy deep bottom of the ulcer of gray, red and black colors is exposed. The edges of the ulcer are uneven, dense, shiny, rising above the surface of the surrounding skin.


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In addition to the presented clinical classification, there is also a morphological one, which is used mainly by laboratory assistants and doctors and is difficult to understand for people who do not have a special medical education. According to this classification, tumors are divided into many histological variants according to the degree of cellular differentiation and similarity with various tissues of the body. As mentioned earlier, basal cell carcinoma has several forms, each of which can be similar to other diseases. Correct and timely recognition of this neoplasm is the key to successful treatment.


Usually, focusing on the above clinical signs of the nodular form, it is enough to simply suspect basal cell carcinoma. However, in the initial stages of growth, when the size of the tumor does not exceed 3-5 mm, it is easy to confuse it with an ordinary mole (especially if the tumor is pigmented), molluscum contagiosum or Trandate seborrheic hyperplasia. Hair can grow from a mole, which does not happen with basalioma. A distinctive feature of molluscum contagiosum and senile seborrheic hyperplasia is a small island of keratin in the central part. If there is a crust on the tumor, it can be confused with a wart, keratoacanthoma, squamous cell skin cancer, and molluscum contagiosum. In this case, the crusts must be gently exfoliated. With basal cell carcinoma, this is easiest to do. After the bottom of the wound is exposed, for greater certainty and scientific confirmation, it is necessary to make a smear-imprint from the bottom of the ulcer and determine its cellular composition.


To prevent this from happening, you need to know that the elevated edges of basal cell carcinoma almost never contain melanin.

Highly pigmented basaliomas are easily confused with malignant melanomas. In addition, the staining of basalioma is often brown, and melanoma has a dark gray tint. Flat basal cell carcinoma can be confused with eczema, psoriatic plaquesand Bowen's disease, however, when the scales are scraped off the edge of the tumor, the true picture of the disease is revealed.

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These clinical signs are intended to guide the doctor towards the correct diagnosis, and its confirmation should be carried out only after a biopsy, cytology or morphological examination of the tumor. If a patient has a suspicious formation on the skin, it is necessary to consult an oncologist or an oncosurgeon. In the absence of labetalol specialists, you can consult a dermatologist or a conventional surgeon.

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At the appointment with these specialists, the patient may be asked the following questions: How long ago did education appear? How did it manifest itself, was there pain or itching? Are there similar formations anywhere else on the body? If yes, where? Is it the first time the patient encounters it or have there been similar formations before? What is the type of activity and the conditions in which the patient works? How much time, on average, does the patient spend outdoors? Does he apply the necessary protective measures in relation to solar radiation? Has the patient ever been exposed to excessive radiation exposure?

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If so, where and approximately what was the total dose? Does the patient have relatives with cancer? After the interview, the doctor asks the patient to demonstrate a suspicious mass. It may be necessary to examine the entire body for the presence of such objects. Based on the characteristics of education, the doctor performs the necessary diagnostic manipulations.

In the presence of scales, they are carefully peeled off on a glass slide, soaked in a special solution and examined under a microscope. When the ulcerative surface is exposed, the glass slide is applied to it, covered with a cover slip and also examined under a microscope. If the skin over the tumor is intact, then the only way to establish an accurate diagnosis will be to perform a biopsy with the collection of tumor material for analysis.

In addition, the doctor may refer the patient to additional examinations, such as x-rays in two projections, ultrasound, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. These paraclinical studies can provide valuable information about the size and depth of the tumor, its distribution in the cranial cavity, and proximity to vital structures.

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Patients with treated basal cell carcinoma should be examined annually by a doctor, not only to control tumor recurrence, but also to screen for new tumors. A patient, once treated for oncopathology, automatically falls into the risk category for other tumor diseases. When is a biopsy and histological examination of a basalioma needed?